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Our Adoption Story Part 5

If you're new to this blog and you'd like to read about our adoption, I am re-capping the whole story.  Scroll down and start with Part 1.  For all of you interested in this adoption story--don't worry, if it seems boring now, just keep reading--it'll get intense.  There are even bombs and riot gear involved...

When Mark returned from his trip to Thailand in June 2007, we both knew in our hearts that God was calling us to adopt Rebekah.  It's hard to explain--but it was the same feeling in my spirit that I had when I knew God called me to marry Mark and when God called me to the mission field.  The feeling was like a rushing river current that couldn't be fought.  It carried us along in spite of some of the doubts we had and general freaked-outness we felt whenever we paused to consider how in the world to get it done. 

We did indeed seek wisdom.  We first asked the staff at her orphanage what they thought.  "Is it in Deer's best interest to uproot her from her country and her friends at the age of 10 to be brought into an American family who lives in Japan and already has three younger daughters?  Is it better for her if she stays there and we visit a lot and do our best to maintain a relationship over the miles?"  

Their resounding, firm, unanimous, and unhesitating answer was, "All these children need a mom and dad.  No matter what the difficulties, a mom and dad is far better than an orphanage."

The American staff said it and the Thai staff said it.  And we believe that is true. 

Zoe was four years old that summer; the same age as Rebekah was when she lost her mommy and daddy.  Mark and I wept as we thought about what it would be like for Zoe to watch us both waste away to a horrible sickness.  Our stomachs hurt as we considered her being an orphan.  

Mark often said, "What would we want Christians to do if that happened to us?  We would want a Christian family to take Zoe and make her their own.  Deer should not receive anything less than what we want for Zoe."

Christ in us caused us to believe Him and trust Him.  By God's grace and God's doing, He called us to pursue Deer with all we had, just like He pursued us with all He had. 

The next few months and years were really messy.  I cannot briefly convey how difficult it was to begin the process of adopting a child who has been classified as "un-adoptable" and is not in an orphanage that adopts out kids while you are an American living in Japan and hoping to do all this in Thailand.  

The faith journey started with a letter to the Thai government.  

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