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Our Adoption Story Part 27--Gotcha Day

We woke up on February 28th and unpacked a bit, set up house a bit (our local friends generously rented the home for us and provided use with some initial foods items and household goods--God provides again!), went out for some delicious Thai food, and waited until Deer would be done with her school day and back at Im Jai.  Late in the afternoon we drove over there along the dusty roads and with the sun descending behind the Thai smog.  Everything was orangish in color and will forever be burned in my memory.  It was a happy time for we Okinawan Oshmans who had labored in prayer, travel, and legalities for two and a half years to bring our sweet girl into the family.  What joy to be united at last.  

Here we are gathered on the front porch of the specific house that Rebekah lived in.  Zoe, Abby Grace, and Rebekah were all so sweetly attentive to one another. 

All the girls from the house, along with some staff.

I looo-ooove this picture. "C'mon, sis, let's go home." 

One last picture in front of the Im Jai compound. 
We went out for dinner at Deer's favorite place--KFC.  Then we came back to our home where we had a small gathering of our few Chiang Mai friends to welcome Rebekah and to most importantly pray over her and our family.  Spirituality is not neutral in Thailand.  The enemy is active there.  We wanted to saturate Rebekah with prayer from the very beginning.  

Our faithful friends brought a cake and joined us in praying. 
Here the girls are 2, 4, 6, and 12.  The Lord had finally united us!  We relished our unity for the evening before waking up to begin pursuing her passport. 

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