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Gross stuff everyday

Day one of Mark's mission trip: dealt with a dead rat

Day two: killed three flying cockroaches, which were flying around my kitchen and dining room late at night, and were honestly the size of hummingbirds

Day three: discovered a huge, brown, hairy (huntsman?) spider running on the wall above my girls' bunk bed--this sucker was at least the size of my palm; tried to kill him and chase him around without cussing and also alarming the children; finally got him with Raid

Day four: not sure what will happen tomorrow, but I sure hope this typhoon arrives already--we've been waiting all week for it and I'm getting tired of worrying about it!

Typhoon Muifa continues to gain strength and we're supposed to experience sustained winds over 120mph on Friday with gusts up to 160mph.  Yoikes.  For some perspective, it's difficult to walk or drive a vehicle at about 58mph.  Muifa, by the way, means Plum Blossom in Chinese.  But wind over 120mph just does not make me think of sweet, pink flowers.  Who picks these names?!

plum desktop

These two simply do not resemble one another. 
(we are the long, slim island on the left, at the bottom of the chain)

All seems well for Mark in Cambodia.  Abby Grace prayed for him tonight before dinner, "God, please keep Daddy from stepping on the bombs that are in the ground still in Cambodia."  Truly, a typhoon and bugs seem pathetic compared to the reality that over 300 Cambodians die each year after stepping on remaining land mines from the killing fields years in the 1980s.  The Lord is indeed redeeming that country and I am so thankful there is a team there from the Harbor witnessing what God is doing.

Here's a great picture of Mark at an elementary school in Phnom Penh today.  The team is serving with Asian Hope in Cambodia's capital right now.

photo 15

I can't wait to show Hannah her daddy pointing to her favorite letter in the morning when she wakes up!

Typhoon Muifa and Friends

The "Calm" Before the Storm