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2nd Annual Gingerbread House Creation

We made gingerbread houses again this year.  I searched far and wide for a recipe that would stand up in our intense humidity.  To my surprise and the delight of the children, the houses stood for about two weeks.  The project itself took us several hours of work for about 3 or 4 days in a row.  It's pretty labor intensive for me, but we all love the outcome and the kids delight in the decorating.  We're already plotting for next year.

Here's the line-up.  So festive!

Zoe hard at work. 

Hannah ate more than she decorated. 

Abby Grace loves the icing gun. 

Hannah's. The candy canes on the roof were her own empathic idea. 

Abby Grace's. She went gum drop crazy on her roof. 

Zoe's. Don't miss the pumpkin patch or blue pond on the left. 

Rebekah's. Love the candy cane picket fence. 

Mine. Check out the peppermint tree and coffee bean sidewalk. 

Mark wanted in on the baking action too.  He and Hannah made mint sandwich cookies together. 
They kinda tasted like toothpaste, which was a disappointment to all involved. 
Here they are underneath our stockings, hung on the window with care (no chimneys here! plus, the window is open because it's hot here, even at Christmas!) 

How many soy sauce options does your store have?

A few pre-Christmas photos