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Buy a Virtual Cupcake

Per the post below, I'm heading up a Cupcake Sale this weekend.  The proceeds will go to literally set the captives free.  How exciting is that!?  My children and their friends in Okinawa will be baking cupcakes, hopefully American service members will walk by the stand and give massive donations to eat a delicious cupcake, then we will send the money to www.sixtyfeet.org and they will take every cent to Uganda where they are working to set imprisoned Ugandan children free.

I'm excited about the sale and feel like it's a great chance for military kids to exalt Christ in the nations without actually leaving Japan.  It's so hands-on and so biblical!

Please consider heading over to our Okinawa Cupcake Kids donation page and buying a virtual cupcake!

Zero calories--eternal rewards!!


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