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PP Proves They’d Rather Abort Teen Pregnancies Than Prevent Them in Recent Lawsuit

PP Proves They’d Rather Abort Teen Pregnancies Than Prevent Them in Recent Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood (PP), who receives $530 million in US government funding every year, filed a lawsuit blocking 41 other nonprofits from getting a a combined $19.4 million in federal grants because the organizations teach youth to avoid risky sexual behavior. 

Preventing teen pregnancy sure sounds like planning parenthood, but not to the nation’s largest abortion provider who’s clearly more bent on ending rather than preventing pregnancy. 

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a press release yesterday explaining that federal money was made available this past summer for organizations that would now be implementing “a wide variety of teen pregnancy prevention curricula in diverse communities.” As the HHS website says, programs that would have received funding “are designed to serve teens most vulnerable to teen pregnancy, STDs, multiple partners, and other risks associated with sexual activity.” 

PP took HHS to court in June to, in their own words, make sure that “new grantees are not forced to push dangerous (abstinence-only-until-marriage) curriculums.” The bottom line is that PP will do whatever it can to ensure that the federal government does not support any institutions that encourage teens to delay or decrease sexual activity. 

I worked as a grant writer for one of the 41 organizations that would have started receiving $500,000 annually right now, had the funding gone through, so I am intimately aware of the HHS program, the nonprofits that would have been funded, and the lawsuit brought by PP. Like the other 40 organizations un-funded by this lawsuit, my client reaches the most at-risk kids in the highest teen pregnancy populations across the state of Colorado. 

The 41 un-funded organizations teach youth relationship skills, self-confidence, how to avoid violence and sexually risky behavior, how to build strong communication skills, and other invaluable necessities for a successful future. 

And their results are out of this world. Typically, the vast majority of teens who go through these evidenced-based, medically accurate programs: 

  • delay having sex, 

  • decrease sexual partners, 

  • quit drinking and using drugs,

  • graduate high school, 

  • develop strength and determination, 

  • don’t get sidelined by teen pregnancy,

  • and more. 

The 41 un-funded organizations who went through the federal grant process proved through evidence documented by qualified evaluators that their programs improve the outcomes for youth who live in the midst of America’s riskiest contexts. They all have years of scientific findings to backup the effectiveness of what they do. They are the grassroots organizations who have boots on the ground and are making a difference in the lives of children who are stuck in a cycle of teen pregnancy, incomplete high school, and poverty. Such outcomes are “dangerous” according to PP. 

Why would an organization who claims to elevate women and girls block programs that prevent them from getting pregnant too early? Why would an organization whose very name endorses a “planned parenthood" want to remove the tools that prevent parenthood from the hands of American teens?

Why does America’s biggest abortion business oppose preventing teen pregnancy? 

PP would rather see a young girl in their offices after she’s already pregnant, then see her needs met ahead of time, preventing a life-changing sexual encounter. PP parades as a powerhouse for women and girls, but they prefer enabling girls in crisis over empowering girls to prevent them. 

Why the blood thirst, PP? 

Why the legal action to prevent 41 organizations from getting $19.4 million in federal money, when you already get $530 million from the US government every year? 

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