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A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Last weekend the kids and I took the dog for a walk at the nearby marina, found some treasures there, climbed some trees, and then went to the grocery store where I treated them to chocolate fish.  I thought I would share some of the photos of our neighborhood with you.

Gorgeous day!  The girls found some walking sticks. 

Here's a dead squid next to Zoe's foot (she wears a woman's size 5 1/2, so that's a big squid!)  These guys can be seen freshly dead in my grocery store, as well as the local sushi shops. 

Behind the marina is a monument and tomb for the man who brought sweet potatoes to Okinawa in the 1650s.  He's a local hero.  The sweet potatoes here are purple, by the way, and they are in everything from donuts to chips to tempura to ice cream. 

The girls in front of the tomb.  Amazing tree roots!

One of my local grocery stores.  This is the nicer one--pricier but not as hectic and disorganized as my cheaper place. 
This vendor was selling taiyaki outside the store.  He's only there for holidays and I'm guessing right now it's for the cherry blossoms.  Taiyaki is a sort of fish-shaped waffle stuffed with goodness like chocolate or caramel (or red bean paste, but we do our best to steer clear of that). 

Taiyaki in our table. 

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