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Back from China

Nihao! I'm back from China (a day late due to fog in Shanghai) and promise to do my best to return to the adoption story tomorrow.  For today, though, I thought I'd share a few pics from Beijing (I would've blogged from there, but "blogger" and many other free speech related sites aren't accessible on the Chinese internet).

The retreat was awesome.  It was provided by a ministry that seeks to help women missionaries thrive on the field.  They did a great job caring for us and sending us back out with new strength.  I loved worshipping with all my sisters who share the love of Christ all over Asia.  Worshipping uninterrupted and without being in charge of the event was a huge gift to me.  It was so nourishing to my soul.  I, of course, loved every second that I spent with my dear friend Jen Rathmell too.  Beijing was, well, let's just say I don't really want to go back.  Ever.  Unless God Himself asks me to.

Jen and Jen (and yes, it was so very cold, and yes, I was so grateful that my friend Kim loaned me a rabbit fur hat, which was totally necessary at all times outside)

Just outside Tiananmen

Guards at Tiananmen

On top of the Great Wall, early in the morning--we were the only ones there!

Jen really climbed it. 
She appreciated this congratulatory sign. 

We tobogganed down the mountain below the wall.  So fun!  The trip highlight by far. 

This is a place near our hotel in the heart of Beijing called Stick Street.  It's several blocks of vendors selling food on sticks.  It's all super gross stuff, perfect for "Fear Factor." I dare you to squint and read the signs on the picture above.  

snakes, worms, frogs

This is me politely saying "no" to all those sweet and meek street vendors. 

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